Our designer-type perfume oils are the best quality, pure oils on the market today. We carry oils from around the world and match most of the famous brands you see in the department stores, ensuring a long-lasting, true scent.

Most perfumes have anywhere from 75%-97% alcohol, a filler that has no cosmetic value at all other than to extend the perfume, dry the skin, and kill some of the higher notes of the perfume fragrance.

With no alcohol to evaporate or dry the skin, a drop or two of pure perfumed oil can last on most people 8-24 hours, evaporating naturally over time.

We carry over 700 perfume oils. These are oil versions of those famous fragrances and should not be confused with private designer trademark names. Thus you will see “type” following each oil name. Thanks to the science of gas-liquid chromatography, scientists make it possible to match those fragrances. In most cases, customers say they cannot tell the difference!


For the discerning nose, these essential oils are 100% natural and can be used to create your own personal fragrances or to add to your bath and body products. Prices will vary depending on market value and availability.


You can use these skin safe blends to fragrance the home in a number of ways, including diffusers, room spray, linen spray,  light bulb rings, candles, and incense. We carry over 300 of these high quality, pure oils that last far longer than most similar retail products.


These blends are all 100% natural unless synthetic ingredients are indicated. All blends are skin safe and work well in massage oils, bath and body products, and home scenting.

Fragrances for Body, Bath, Mind & Home