New Perfume/Cologne Oils

Disclaimer: These oils are duplicates of and should not be confused with the original, trademark perfumes and colognes. These oils are concentrated, undiluted; a drop or two lasts on most people for eight to twenty-four hours. We can use them to customize lotion, body wash, bath salts, soap, candles and other fragrance products.

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For Women: Angel Dream type (VS), Chloe See type, Our Moment type (One Direction), Gucci Guilty Black type, Pure Grace type, La Vie est Belle type (Lancome), Yellow Diamond type, Michelle Obama type, Tease type, Incredible Daring type, Secret Wonderland type, Poppy type, Poppy Flower type, Gucci Guilty type, Gucci Guilty Intense type, Givenchy’s Le Bouquet Absolut type, DKNY Pure type, Beyonce Pulse type, Paco Rabanne Lady Million type, Hippie Chic type, Someday type (J. Bieber), Queen type, Heat Rush type, Reb’l Fleur type, My Life type, Lola type, and many more.

For Men: Burberry Beat type, Hampton type, Brooklyn type, Scent of Peace type  (Bond #9),D & G Pour Homme  type, Play Intense type, Aquamarine Taniq type (MAC), Gucci Sport type, Gucci Guilty and Guilty Intense types,  One Million type, Calvin Klein’s Aqua type, Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony 3 type and Big Pony 4 type, Sung Sport type,  L’Homme type, L’Homme Libre type, and L’Homme le Nuit type (YSL), Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver type, Armani’s Code Sport type, Usher VIP type, Versace’s Fraiche type and Pour Homme type.

NEW and IN STOCK!!!   Secret Angel type (V.S.), Villain type (Ed Hardy), Oh Lola type (Marc Jacobs),  Burberry Body type, Wonderstruck type, Forever Red type, Coach Love type, Gold Rose type, Dot type and many more!

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Sizes of bottles: Open mouth bottles: 1/8 oz. $5, 1/4 oz. $10, 1/2 oz. $18, 1 oz. $25, 2 oz. $45

Roll on bottles: 1/8 oz. $6, 1/4 oz. $10, 1/3 oz. $18, 1 oz. $30

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